A Halloween Front Porch
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A Halloween Front Porch + Halloween touches throughout the Home

Happy October! For some reason this year feels a little different as far as decorating. I don’t know if it’s because my kids are finally old enough to start noticing or because of everything that’s happened these past two years, I’m just looking forward to celebrating it all! This year, I’ve decorated a lot more than I normally do for Halloween.  

Today I thought I’d take you around our home to show you how we are doing Halloween. My process for decorating is to incorporate the decorations with my usual decor so it’s never over the top. Just a little something here or there.  Adding decorations in with my normal decor helps the Halloween decorations look a little more high-end without me having to spend a ton! 


The only Halloween decoration that I actually purchased this year was this witch from Amazon. I’ve wanted one for years but now that my kids are starting to notice and get excited about Halloween, I thought it was the perfect time to finally get it. She’s cute and not too scary and super easy to put up.

Over on our front porch, I added the bats I DIY’d a couple of years ago with my Cricut. I’ve reused them for a couple of years now and they are still going strong. I’ve found that by using painter’s tape to hang them up, I avoid any issues with leaving marks on the wall. 

By our front door, I have a Dollar Tree sign that I added as a wreath. I love it because it’s reversible, so on Halloween, I’ll switch it around to say Trick or Treat. Over on my plants, I added Dollar Tree yard signs to make it a little more spooky in here. A good friend of our family was downsizing her decorations and I was fortunate enough to receive most of it! The witches boots with the broom and hat all came from them. I love that I’m able to reuse them in differing ways to give them new life in our home.


Our entryway also got a little Halloween decor. Again, all of this decorations are from the Dollar Tree. I love adding these skeleton hands to my flower vase and the kids get a kick of playing with these. The skull head looks pretty cool next to it with the Dollar Tree netting over our mirror to add a little more spookiness.

My favorite spot to decorate for Halloween is over on our entryway hallway. I added some more Dollar Tree items, like a skeleton bat, skeleton spider, and netting. I also added black crows that I made with my Cricut around the same time I made the bats. I usually alternate every year which ones I add outside and inside just to keep things interesting.

Needless to say, I’ve been having fun this year incorporating Halloween into our home. Hope this post helps inspire you to do the same. Happy decorating!

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